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‘Future of Food’ Field Trip Explores Commercial and Community Driven Urban Farms in Los Angeles, CA

On Friday, January 27, Seedstock hosted the inaugural ‘Future of Food – Urban Ag Field Trip’, which provided attendees an excursion into the diversity of urban farming and state-of-the-art hydroponic, aquaponic and aeroponic agriculture operations in Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the U.S. The sold out tour treated participants to lectures and sessions […]

‘Future of Food: Urban Ag Field Trip’ to Explore Urban Farming Operations in L.A. County

Urban agriculture ventures of all different stripes – from commercial hydroponic enterprises and rooftop aeroponic farms to community gardens planted atop formerly vacant lots – are not only disrupting the food system, but also generating community and economic capital. To give you an up close and personal look at a series of innovative urban farming operations that have emerged to tackle challenges […]

Grow Local OC Conference Delves into the Future of Urban Food Systems in Orange County and Beyond

On Nov. 10-11 hundreds of attendees from across Southern California and beyond showed up for the inaugural Grow Local OC Conference: The Future of Urban Food Systems held Nov. 10-11 in Orange County, CA at California State University, Fullerton to learn more about the community and economic development potential of fostering local food systems in cities. The conference attendees were […]

Self-Fertilizing Vertical Growing System Makes Home Gardening More Accessible

Sponsored Post: Garden Tower Project is the Barn Sponsor for the upcoming Grow Local OC: Future of Urban Food Systems Conference. Colin Cudmore, the inventor of the Garden Tower, a garden container with perforated tubing technology that facilitates composting, the movement of Red wiggler worms and nightcrawlers within it, says he does not consider himself a […]

The Potential of Urban Agriculture Innovations in the City, from Hydroponics to Aquaponics

How large a role will local food demand play with respect to the growth of indoor and controlled environment urban farming ventures? What are the costs involved in starting a small scale commercial hydroponic/aquaponics farm? What are the opportunities (community and economic) for high-tech controlled environment growing in urban environments such as Orange County? What tools or […]

Only 6 Days Left Until the ‘Grow Local OC: Future of Urban Food Systems Conference’

If you’re curious about the potential for urban farming endeavors to generate community and economic capital, or how stakeholders – from farmers and food bank administrators to healthcare providers and community advocates – can build connections to foster robust local food systems, or how entrepreneurs utilize hydroponics and aquaponics to create new farm enterprises in cities, […]

California Dept. of Food and Ag Secretary Karen Ross to Keynote Grow Local OC Conference; Event Kicks off in 9 Days

The organizers of the upcoming Grow Local OC: Future of Urban Food Systems Conference are incredibly excited to have Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Dept. and Food Agriculture deliver the conference’s keynote address, which will explore the importance of agriculture and the development of robust local food systems in cities. Secretary Ross, whom Politico recently reported is […]

Just Two Weeks Remain to Register for ‘Grow Local OC: Future of Urban Food Systems Conference’

The Grow Local OC: Future of Urban Food Systems Conference presented by Seedstock in partnership with the OC Food Access Coalition is only TWO WEEKS away. Slated for Nov. 10 – 11, 2016, at California State University, Fullerton (Hosted by U-ACRE), the conference will explore the community and economic development potential of fostering local food systems in cities. […]

The Community Development Potential of Embracing Local Food Systems

How do you increase community involvement in the consumption, embrace, and production of local food? How does a city, or county, benefit from the development of community and school gardens? What is the role of a farmers’ market in community development beyond offering a location where farmers can sell direct to the public? What benefits do farmers’ […]